Producing Segments

ESPN Segments for NASCAR

As event production assistant I produced segments that aired on NASCAR Countdown and other shows on ESPN.

Documentary Style Editing

"Crossover": Behind the Scenes

This video was a behind the scenes video for Director/Writer Tina Mabry's short film "Crossover." the BTS was edited in a documentary style and dived in the central themes of the short film, one of those themes concerning the public school system in United States of America.

Curators of Hip Hop "Yaw Geez" The Lyrical Slayer

Curators of Hip Hop

In 2009, I helped create the curating culture website curators of hip hop. Here we worked to discover new hip hop artists with pure talent that were not getting the hype they deserved and created mini documentaries about those artists. It eventually developed into displaying all the elements of hip hop. Above are a few examples.

Stories From the Canvas Volume I: Robbie

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