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Logline: A newly engaged photographer is forced to face her past when a visitor reminds her of the life she should have lived.

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If you could, what would you say to the love who got away? A friend asked me this recently. And to tell the truth I’m not even sure what I would say. According to the CDC, 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. And a study by Siemens Festival Nights in 2013 found almost 75 percent of those married felt they didn’t marry their true love but instead settled with the partner they chose. That is uber bleak. I wondered why that is? I want to believe in love, but so many seem to do the opposite of love. 

So to make sense of it and even my own past decisions, I decided I wanted to produce a story that addresses the question: Why do people settle? Hopefully this short film will invite conversation on the root of settling and inspire people to step up and fight for the love they truly desire. Check out my pitch video to see more on my connection and why you should support this short film.

hello.goodbye: a reason - the pitch video

Pitch video for hello.goodbye.

The Tearjerker Returns by Chilly Gonzales


hello.Goodbye follows Tee, a photographer who’s winning in her career and in life, and now has found love with her fiance´ Jayden. Her life is seemingly perfect until she is visited by a former friend that destroyed her first chance at love after college. Faced with her past and future clashing, Tee must now deal with the choices she’s made and decide if they were the right ones.


I’m a writer/producer/editor who graduated from Florida A&M University’s Broadcast Journalism program in 2008. I started my career working as a PA at ESPN and produced some cool segments that aired on NASCAR. I then shifted into advertising at RPA, in it’s post-production department, and worked with clients like Honda, ARCO and La-Z-Boy Furniture. The other part of my career I’ve worked as an assistant editor and worked on shows like 'Young Rock', 'Twenties' and most recently the feature film 'The Woman King'.


I’m also a storyteller who loves movies and film. And I decided after helping so many bring their dreams and babies to life as an editor that I would finally breathe life into something that I wrote. So I’m here to ask you to help me give life to this project by donating.

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Our amazing team BIOS

I am proud to share our team for the short film hello.goodbye. With our years of experience in our respective careers we will create a great short film with help of your donations.

hello.goodbye incentives

We have a few incentives for your donation amounts.

All donations will go toward production

(January 2023) and post-production. Editing will not be apart of

this project budget as I am editor for hello.goodbye. 

Below are details regarding each level!

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Thank you for your time!

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about hello.goodbye and our team! If you can please donate and if you're unable to don't worry we still would appreciate if you share our donation campaign.

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