The Hue Collective is a new organization that focuses on introducing children of color into the world of production and post-production. Created by A’sia Horne and Keisha Gordon, DeLand natives, the organization strives to demystify the ability for children of color from rural and urban areas to have careers in the production and post-production industry.


During June 10-14th, The Hue Collective will launch its first initiative, an intro bootcamp in partnership with DeLand High School that will introduce 15-20 students of color to the world of post-production. 


During the Hue Collective Bootcamp students will enter classes and learn from a professional editor and assistant editor, A’sia Horne, how to edit in professional editing software and create a project in a week’s time in pairs or individually.

The bootcamp is able to happen because of DeLand High’s digital video production teacher Mr. James P. Lowenstein and Principal Dr. Melissa Carr. DHS are providing access to the school’s technology program’s computer lab to support this initiative.

To read more about A'sia Horne click below:

Target population

Young women and men of color between the ages of 11 -15.

This is the first year of the post-production bootcamp. Only 15-20 students will be chosen for the launch of the program.

In order to apply students must:

1. Be a resident of Volusia County

2. Attend Middle school (6th- 8th) or high school (grade 9th-10th)

3. Fill out Application completely

4. Answer prompts on why you’d like to attend the camp


What's included?

  • Computer access

  • Software access

  • Premiere Notes

  • Lessons to Practice

  • Lunch

Thanks to DeLand High School’s digital video production teacher Mr. Lowenstein and Principal Dr. Carr.

  • The Bootcamp’s first year will be at no cost to students participating!

  • And lunch will be provided via donations.


Curriculum outline

  • Why edit? Who edits? What can I edit?

  • Breakdown to why editing is important.

  • What jobs can I get?

  • Overview of Adobe Premiere Software

    • Setting up a project

    • Importing assets

    • Using tools to edit

    • How to export projects​

  • Guest Speakers


If you're interested in being a part of The Hue Collective Editing Bootcamp click the  button below.


If you have any questions email us!

  • Dates: June 10-14, 2019

  • Times: 8a-1:30p